Ingot, Bar, Plate, Sheet, Tube, Black forgings, Finished discs, Rings, Flanges, Weld necks, Fittings, Fasteners, Galvanic equipment, Special parts on request

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To ensure that you use the right grade of Titanium for your application Contact Us.

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WELCOME TO Titanium Material Ltd.

As the name suggests, we specialise in the sourcing, stocking and supply of industrial Titanium products, although other metals can be sourced if required - we have access to a wide range of stainless and nickel alloys, including Alloy 718, A286/660, and Nimonic 80a material.

We supply the Aero, Medical, and Subsea industries as well as general engineering requirements, and provide Titanium in any grade and in any form, from ingot to customer determined finished component.

Titanium Materials Ltd has the determination to be the best
- to deliver what the customer wants, when and where the customer wants it
- and having made a promise the Company tries never to let the customer down


Although based in the United Kingdom, we service customers around the globe. We pride ourselves on our quality and use only the best producers, converters and subcontractors from all around the world. We believe that our ISO9001:2000 accreditation is the starting point for our quality processes, not the end.

Remember - we also offer a free technical advice service to ensure that you use the right grade of Titanium for your application. Contact Titanium Materials Ltd by telephone or using the email link from the website to see how your Titanium supply problems can be made a distant memory.

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